Greece | The Global Happiness Project

Date: 2017-03-20

The Global Happiness Project

Welcome to the Global Happiness Project.

The aim of this project is to unite children all over Greece and the world with one common thing in mind -HAPPINESS!  It all starts with sharing.

In September 2015 we launched this project.  The GHP is scrap/project book.  In this scrap/project book each school/teacher can choose students or complete the GHP with a whole class.    Feel free.   Students need to  answer  questions (in English) about happiness and to draw or post a picture of what happiness means to them.

Children from the age of 6-17 can take part.  They will be engaged in an activity that embraces happiness and sharing and spreading happiness to other children around the world.   The GHP has so far travelled to schools in New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Bali and now travelling through Greece.

Each school will be responsible for the book when in their hands and will have to send it off to the next school.  The “book” cannot stay longer than 15 days at each school.

Schools will be able to skype and communicate with each other. This is something students love doing.  So, if you have any fellow teachers/schools in Greece or in other countries who would be interested in taking part please do tell me so we can add to the list.
The scrap/project book will be sent off with guidelines and the name and address of the next school . Each school will receive a certificate of participation made by my school.

As soon as the scrap/project book is completed by my students, you will be able to see and understand how simple it is. I hope you can all participate in this project. It’s just a simple idea but we can all make it into a HUGE project!


Botanical Gardens in Melbourne


Irene Stroumpas Xantheas